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Buying and Selling a Business

Our business lawyers and consultants have represented  business owners both in sale and purchase of different type of businesses in Azerbaijan.


Having skilled negotiators on your side is an advantage when it comes to buying or selling a company. 

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Drafting the contract is one of the most crucial documents in the entire sale process.  The rights and duties of buyers and sellers are governed by the contract, which describe the subject of the sale, expectations from the buyer and seller, legal due diligence, and many other issues


Due diligence is a a thorough appraisal of a business and it's operations undertaken by a potential buyer in order to establish its liabilities and  assets. Due diligence includes environmental, physical and financial audits and inspections.​

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  • Drafting a letter of intent and negotiating the purchase contract;

  • Drafting a confidentiality agreement prior to engaging in discussions with a potential purchaser;

  • Drafting a business asset purchase agreement;

  • Real estate lease and other documents review;

  • Non-disclosure agreement (if applicable)

  • Non-compete agreement (if applicable)

  • Buyer due diligence

  • Closing

  • Post-closing agreements

Business buyers should ask the following questions:

  • Why and when did the owner decide to sell her/his business (reasons behind the sale)?


If the decision to sell was quick, the business might be in trouble.

  • How did the seller come up with the asking price?

  • Will the seller sign a non-compete agreement if requested?


A buyer must ensure that the seller will not be establishing a new business and competing with the “sold” company.

When buying a business asset of the company for sale might include intellectual property, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, domains, and websites.


We have experience in buying a business and selling a business issues, business law matters, and can assist as well if you or your organization requires a commercial litigation attorneys.

Call us at +994.51.5400450 or e-mail us to speak with one of our lawyers about your objectives.

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