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Debt Collection and Recovery Services in Azerbaijan

Non-paying accounts are very distracting, time consuming and have an impact on your and your company’s productivity. T & G Collection Services, Azerbaijan has a professional approach to debt collections and our experts have years of experience.


We provide only commercial debt collection and debt recovery services.


Non-paying accounts more than 60 days overdue you risk never collecting. We know how to motivate a debtor to pay and avoid irritating them so that they are open to negotiate and pay off what they owe.


We offer a no risk solution and you will get quick action.
Your legal demand out to your debtor is sent within 24-48  hours.

What will it cost you?

On a pre-litigation phase: small fee irrespective of the amount of the debt and a percentage of your receivable if successfully collected.

Where do we operate?

We offer professional debt collector services in  Azerbaijan and some countries in the Middle East.

Today we are a preferred choice for debt collection services, serving local and international clients.


Advantages of working with T&G Debt Collection Services:


Cooperating with us is easy and very straight-forward:

we have a very high success rate.

If your case requires filing a claim in court – our attorneys are the right people.


Our authority in the legal field give us a considerable advantage compared to a debt collection agency service. We will just name you one reason – the notices sent by the collection agencies quite often are disregarded altogether. On the contrary, the legal notice from the law firm is taken seriously and our methods of handling the debtors are always respectful and assertive.


Improve your chances to get your money owed to you.

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