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Commercial Real Estate Services

We represent both landlords and tenants in a variety of commercial and residential property disputes. Our lawyers have a necessary experience and expertise to assist clients with obtaining valuable solutions that protect their interests.


Our offices can help you with enforcing your legal rights, representation at court, proceedings to obtain compensation, disputes management, lease extensions, serving notices, preparation of tenancy agreements.


Why us?

We do our best to resolve your issue through negotiation before filing a lawsuit.

We analyze merits of submitting your case to court and calculate risk factors.

We represent the owners of apartment buildings, commercial properties, residential and commercial tenants.


Drafting Commercial Lease and Tenancy Agreements

A written tenancy agreement is a must. It should establish the monthly/yearly rent payable, length of the agreement and many other details which are quite important when the “crisis” arrives.


The agreement should outline Tenants’ responsibilities to keep the rented property in good condition and clean. Although the overall wear should be covered by the landlord, if the damage is caused by the tenant, you might be able to recover the costs for repair.


Contact us

If you are a tenant or landlord in Baku, and require a legal advice, you can rely on our experience.

Our lawyers are experienced in dealing with complex cases. If you have a specific problem, contact us for expert advice.

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