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We provide shipment clearance for your imports and assist with your exports

Our Customs Brokerage is nationally licensed for all of Azerbaijan

Exporters and importers who are in the planning stages of the shipment are recommended to contact us to review the import/ export regulations for your goods and to start preparation for customs clearance before goods depart internationally or arrive from overseas. 


We offer fast service to importers and exporters of any size! Give us a call to answer any questions you may have, and to begin the importation process.

Dedicated GYD Customs Broker for Air Cargo Clearance

Pick up and delivery of your goods / documents


We offer a variety of import customs clearance services designed to suit the needs of businesses worldwide, and provide prompt customs clearance for air freight with optional trucking and delivery services.

We provide accurate Azeri customs clearance in order to reduce the risk of penalties and ensure timely delivery of your cargo.

Our import department handles the payment and processing of all duties and tariffs on goods coming into Azerbaijan as well, which facilitates the delivery of goods to your door.

We understand the value of good communication, and take care of all the customs documentation providing timely movement of your goods through the customs in Azerbaijan.

Let's talk about your needs: Call us today at +994.515400450

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