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Attestation and Legalization Services in Baku, Azerbaijan

In order to have any document stamped at the foreign embassy or consulate in Azerbaijan, it needs to be authenticated by one or sometimes a few other governmental institutions in Baku.  

Documents that have been issued and legally binding on the territory of a country may be used on the territory of another country after they have been properly drawn up. 

Legalization of Documents by an Embassy or Consulate in Baku, Azerbaijan

What the Apostille is for?

The Apostille affirms the authenticity of the signature of the person who signed the document and the authority of that person. The apostille affirms  the authenticity of a stamp or seal in the official document as well.


Official documents are accepted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan on the basis of the letter from the institution submitting the official documents. The issuance of apostille is made on the basis of a Power of Attorney issued to a legal representative.


In order to legalize a copy or translation of the document, the authenticity of the translator's signature in its copy and translation shall be certified by a notary public. The authenticity of the notary's signature and the seal belong to that notary office should be approved by the Ministry of Justice. Then, the document will need to be legalized in the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the consular section of the Embassy where the document intended to be used.

How to Submit Your Documents?

Please contact us for quote and requirements before sending/couriering your documents to our offices.


Please provide details of the documents (to be legalized). We will need to review the document and have a complete information on which Embassy or Consulate in Baku needs to attest your document.

We will explain your processing options and provide you with a quote.

We can assist with notarization (certified true copy), translation, embassy and consulate requirements such as cover letters. We offer custom approach, attention to details and reliable document services.


We will keep you updated on the process for requested legalization and attestation whether you are you are in Baku, Azerbaijan or abroad. When ready, we can send it back to you either locally or internationally.


We authenticate and attest degrees, transcripts, birth certificates, marriage certificates, criminal record check certificates, fingerprints, powers of attorney, commercial documents or any other documents.

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