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Contract Selection & Bid Evaluation Process

A successful completion of any project is directly influenced by the selection of a competent construction company. Construction projects are often encountered with various challenges including the performance of a contractor due to lack of required capacity and resources.

Tender Selection Criteria

Past quality performance, equipment holding, financial stability are among most important factors, impacting the contractor's selection procedures, and the lowest tendered price is not the deciding factor anymore.

Bid evaluation is the process of evaluating and assessing bids to select the best proposal in an effort to purchase goods, works and services required to achieve the objectives of an entity. The best offer recommended as a result of bid evaluation is referred to as the lowest responsive evaluated bid. It may also be called the most economically advantageous tender (MEAT).


Bid Evaluation Board assesses the bids based on the predetermined evaluation criteria only and recommends award to the lowest responsive evaluated bid.


Construction industries vary in terms of their process of bid evaluation based on the countries they operate in and the environment that industry offers. The process of contractor selection and bid evaluation is reliant on differing decision criteria based on geographic location (Akcay & Manisali, 2018).

Mostly delays in large-scale projects are associated with contractors’ inadequate experience, management and poor planning abilities.

Proper experience and the necessary bidding documentation are the major factors in preparing the best proposal possible.

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