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Company Formation and Business Set Up, Registration Services in Turkiye

LLC or LTD is one of the most popular business forms in Turkey (Turkiye).

There are private and the public limited liability companies.

The private company is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, while the public company, also known as a joint stock company, can be used for large-scale operations.

Share capital requirements (*subject to change):

  • Private LLC/LTD -  10,000 TL

  • Joint Stock Company - 50,000 TL

  • Turkish Joint Stock Company - 100,000 TL

Do not hesitate to contact us if you require accounting services in Turkey or considering establishing a company in a free zone in Turkey.

Turkey LLC / LTD formation and registration requirements:

  • It can be incorporated by at least 1 shareholder which can be a natural person or legal entity;

  • This type of company can have a maximum of 50 shareholders;

  • No restrictions on the nationality of the shareholders (it can be 100% foreign owned);

  • LLC / LTD in Turkiye has a minimum share capital of 10,000 TRY;

  • The share transfer is regulated as per the instructions set forth in the company’s articles of association.


The board members may participate in meetings electronically, and resolutions may be adopted using electronic signatures, in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code, and they do not need to be physically present.


The LLC in Turkey is registered at the local trade register.

Requirements to register a business in Turkey are:

  • Undertaking letter with the goals, activities and the nature of the business explained;

  • Articles of association of the LTD/LLC;

  • Receipt from the bank proving that the share capital has been deposited;

  • The statement about company registration from the Trade Register;

  • ID’s of the founders of the company;

  • PoA issued and attested at the Turkish consulate overseas authorizing the person/persons to represent the company in Turkey

Steps to start a company in Turkey:

- selecting a company name and reserving it with the Companies Register;

- having the company's statutory documents prepared and notarized by a public notary;

- opening the company's bank account in order to deposit the share capital;

- submitting the documents required by law to the Trade Register;

- registering with the local authorities for taxes, VAT, and social security;

- applying for business licenses and permits ( if necessary)

Our company registration agents can assist you in selecting the appropriate structure if you're interested in purchasing a shelf company in Turkey. In order to have a completely running firm, we may also assist in making all the necessary changes.

Companies that have their legal or corporate headquarters in Turkey, as well as operations that are focused and managed there, are subject to corporation tax on their international earnings.


  • For 2023, the corporate tax rate is set at 20%.

  • Unless the rate is lowered by a tax treaty, the withholding tax rate is 17,5%.

  • Payments of interest to residents are exempt from withholding taxes.

  • VAT Rate                                     18%

  • Foreign-ownership allowed - 100%



Foreign legal entities are required to present the following documents for company formation in Turkey:


• translated into Turkish and notarized foreign company’s Articles of Association;

• translated into Turkish and notarized foreign company’s Certificate of Registration;

• a resolution of the company’s management board for creating a company in Turkey;

• information about the person in the foreign company who will represent the entity at the Turkish business’ administration;

• information about the company’s manager or managers and their passport copies;

• opening the company's bank account in which the share capital will be deposited prior to the registration;

• filing the incorporation documents, obtaining the tax identification number and the VAT number, and registering for employment.


Tax registration for companies in Turkey


Tax registration is one of the company registration steps in Turkey. The following documents are required for tax registration as a company in Turkey:


  •   The company’s Articles of Association in original

  •   The request form issued by the local tax office in Turkey

  •   The document indicating the company’s local address

  •   A power of attorney, if you being represented by a third party


We are able to assist with the entire company formation procedure in Turkey. This process can include the registration of the company with the trade register, the opening of the bank account and the tax registration procedure.


Will you be required to apply for business licenses in Turkey?


The business licensing phase must be completed if the Turkish company will undertake certain activities. In this case, specific business licenses and permits must be obtained with the authorities representing the industry the company will operate in. Among the industries in which special licenses and permits are necessary are trading, the financial industry, and manufacturing. 


A registered office is necessary for a newly incorporated company in Turkey. This also applies for branches of foreign companies.


Special permits and licenses are required for import and export activities and business owners engage in this activities after obtaining certain permits before starting the actual trading.


What are the taxes for companies in Turkey?

The corporate tax in Turkey is 20%. A payroll tax, real property tax, social security tax and other taxes also apply.

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