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Consulate authentication of the documents might be required for immigration, working or studying abroad.

The main purpose of Apostille stamp or Apostille certificate is to confirm that the document is genuine, and that the document is good to be used in another country. ​

Document attestation and consulate legalization might be required for visa issuance, immigration application, work permit application, equivalency requirements by the Ministry of Education, issuance of Power of Attorney, WES, IQAS.

We are able to assist with Azerbaijan document legalization for documents issued in Azerbaijan for use in different countries.
The requirements, processing times and procedures vary.

Approximate set of documents required to attest documents in any country:

  • Original document or scanned notarized copies

  • Valid legible passport copy

  • Declaration form

  • Power of Attorney authorizing our offices to act on your behalf


Our attestation services include:

  • Embassy & Consulate legalization for Azerbaijan issued documents

  • Apostille from countries part of Hague convention

  • Attestation from state government departments and ministries

  • True copy or certified copy attestation


The common documents that require legalization are:

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