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Investment Citizenship & Second Passport Options

When obtaining a second passport one must ensure that the country does allow dual citizenship. The ideal passport allows you to keep your nationality and obtain additional citizenship/passport later.

What to consider when picking a second passport option:

  • The reputation of the country

  • The tax system of the country

  • Visa-Free Travel Options

  • Is dual citizenship allowed?

  • Residency obligations

  • Requirements for becoming a citizen

  • Other important obligations, such as military service (Israel, Singapore)

  • How well you blend into the country's population

Beware of passport scams. Some companies/people offer citizenship options by offering “gray market” passports when a corrupted government official puts your name in the passport as per request. The passport is real, but there is a big chance that it is not in the official passport system.
Avoid “black market” passports, which are illegal, stolen, forged, etc.

Illegitimate passport can be canceled at any moment and, in most cases, the passport holder will be responsible for all the consequences.

We can assist with obtaining citizenship and residency of the following countries:



  •     Portugal

  •     Greece

  •     Spain

  •     United Kingdom

  •     Ireland

  •     Bulgaria

  •    United Arab Emirates

  •    Singapore


Depending on the country there 3 investment types:

  •     Donation

  •     Real Estate

  •     Financial Assets


Advantages & requirements :

  1. Clean criminal record

  2. Clear source of funds

  3. Necessary investment

  4. No specific qualifications are required from applicants

  5. In majority of the cases - No interviews

  6. No language tests


Is it useful to have a residency permit in terms of long-term benefit?

A residency permit allows to legally reside in the country which issued the permit. Residents are able to live, work, visit schools and access the health care system of the host country. After a number of years and if certain requirements are met, some countries grant citizenship.

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