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Engineering and Construction legal experts in Baku, Azerbaijan

We can assist both with reviewing a contract before a project starts or litigate when getting paid for the work delivered becomes an issue.

Our engineering and construction legal experts and attorneys provide legal solutions and dispute resolution services to construction and engineering industry.

     Services include:

  • Warranty claims

  • Construction delays and defects

  • Assessment of contract terms

  • Bid disputes

  • Job delay damages

  • Construction law counsel

  • Payment holdbacks

  • Construction contract and agreement negotiations

  • Order changes

  • Public and private construction projects

  • Pre-contract

  • Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) management

  • Post-award

  • Dispute resolutions

  • Obtaining construction permits and licenses

  • Drafting construction contracts

  • Government construction procurement

  • Representation with the State Authorities

  • Tax-related matters

  • Mediation

  • Purchase and sale of property

Our clients:

  • Local and international real estate business owners

  • Material suppliers

  • Subcontractors

  • General contractors

  • Owners and developers

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