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Azerbaijan Free Economic Zone Business Registration


Benefits for Investors


  • Absence of any tax for a qualified business -  No value added tax, no withholding tax or any other corporate tax

  • Foreign skilled personnel exempted from personal income tax, social security payments and other similar taxes and payments

  • Import by Core Clients of any products or services from a foreign country and export by Core Clients of any products and services to a foreign country is exempt from customs duties and taxes, including value added taxes

  • No restriction on foreign ownership: a foreign parent company can own 100% of the shares in the company

  • Trade facilitation-based customs regime

  • Investor property is immune from nationalization or other restrictions

  • No restrictions on foreign currency or profit repatriation

  • Visas for foreign nationals

  • International standard independent dispute resolution

  • Full investor protection

  • Full protection of intellectual property rights


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