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Business Registration and Business Setup
Law Firm in Baku, Azerbaijan
For a consultation about our services for startups -
contact us via e-mail or call at +994.51.5400450


Focus Your Efforts


Prepare Your Business Plan


Secure a required capital


Get Registered & Start Your Operations

We work to understand a client’s industry, business, objectives and long-term goals, and offer services to emerging and established companies in Azerbaijan.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognize hard work it takes to grow a successful business.


We help our clients:


  • Select appropriate business structure and entity

  • Set up corporate and organizational system

  • Guide founders in order to avoid any future, possible disputes

  • Draft confidentiality agreements to protect trade secrets

  • Handle employment matters

  • Assist and provide guidance and support for strategic deals including acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, etc.

  • Preparation of organization documents

  • Obtaining of employer identification and tax ID number

  • Preparation of employment offers

  • Drafting independent contractor agreements

  • Drafting confidentiality & non-disclosure agreements

  • Drafting real estate agreements (office, warehouse, store lease agreement)

  • Business plans

  • Choosing your domain name

  • Counseling on business related legal issues


Business Start Up Checklist:


  • Know your strengths and weaknesses -  focus your efforts on the things you are good at

  • Prepare your business plan

  • Be aware of your initial and ongoing expenses

  • Secure required capital

  • Register your business with the local authorities

  • Get necessary licenses ( if required)

  • Open a business bank account

  • Evaluate your real estate needs (warehouse, office, etc).


We understand that time is of the essence, so we work quickly and efficiently and are always available for our clients. 

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