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Contracts Post-Award & Contract Administration 

There are three contract management stages:

In order to assist our clientele, we participate with them in the procurement planning process, from the initial decision of the governmental entity or other agency to the purchase of the service or product through bid solicitation and implementation.

We advise on:

  •         Assuring certainty of the specification requirements;

  •         Attending online bidders meetings;

  •         Challenging the specifications by asking questions and seeking clarifications prior to bid      

  •         submission;

  •         Compliance issues;

  •         Proposal preparation;

  •         Contract related issues with the agency

Contracts post-award stage refers to the actions taken after a contract is signed and the agreement has been made, and we believe, that the post-award phase is as vital for the success of the business and the project as the pre-award stage. The agreement and the performance must be monitored to ensure that all the contract commitments are met. Consistency and a high level of organization is the key in resolving all claims and disputes.

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